Weed Watchers

18 May 2020: The Weed Watcher Program is coming to Clough Pond this summer! This program is run by the NH Department of Environmental Services and makes use of local volunteers to keep a watch out for new infestations of weeds in local lakes and ponds. 

Paul Martin has taken on the task of spearheading those efforts here at Clough Pond. He will do an initial evaluation of the weeds in Clough Pond and then do periodic checks for new infestations. Our greatest concern here at Clough Pond as it relates to invasive weeds is that somebody will bring variable milfoil or other invasive plant or animal into the pond. Neighboring bodies of water already have variable milfoil and that represents a risk that some could hitchhike into Clough Pond on a boat or trailer. We cannot be at the ramp 24/7 to watch for it. Lately we have been getting 300-400 hours per summer at the ramp but there are many hours where it is unattended and at greater risk of having something enter the pond. This program augments that effort.

We have been running the Lake Host Program for many years in order to watch out for something like that and to educate boaters at the ramp the dangers of invasives and how they themselves can be diligent in keeping Clough Pond Weed Free. We know that there exists a chance to eradicate an invasive from a pond if, and that is a big IF, it is spotted early and is still rather small. Even variable milfoil. This program is intended to try and spot an invasive early on while there is still a chance of stopping it from becoming impossible to remove. 

We will make more information available on this page as we start to get our feet wet being Weed Watchers. Watch this space.