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Ice-In/Ice-Out Monitoring

The Program

The State of New Hampshire collects data on when our lakes and ponds experience Ice-In and Ice-Out. The Department of Environmental Services (D.E.S.) has data on some lakes going back over a century. In 2011 D.E.S. started to expand that data collection and now allows that data to be entered by local residents online. Clough Pond data goes back as far as 1969 and was added to their collection in January 2016. 

As D.E.S. has said:

"Tracking both ice-in and ice-out allows the determination of total ice cover days which is another important part of tracking physical, chemical and biological changes to lakes over time. With the erratic weather conditions experienced in recent years, the information can also help track climatological shifts and trends." 

Anybody with their own collection of Ice-In/Ice-Out dates for Clough Pond is encourage to make their data available, either by submitting it online directly to D.E.S. or simply make it available to Tom Edwards, President of the Clough Pond Association and he will see to it that the data is entered into the state database. We display it here on this page of our website as well if provided to us. Kathy Shields provided the ice-out dates as record by her mother Katherine F. Bogle. If anybody has the missing data or even different dates than listed please help us complete the table below. 

The state recognizes that each lake or pond (individual keeping the record?) may have used varying rules for how they determined the date when the water body transitioned between frozen and not frozen and vice versa. They accept whatever definition has been used in the past. For Clough Pond, unlike say Winnipesaukee, there is not much leeway for determining whether the pond was still frozen over or not. So, whatever data anybody may have on Clough Pond would be relatively consistent across years and very desirable to be in the database. Kathy uses the rule: If Mike can row his skull from their place to the boat ramp and back around the buoy markers then it is ice-out. Yes, there might still be some ice along the southern shore in the shade but as a measure of ice-out navigability rules. 

Kathy Shields is currently our monitor and recorder of all things ice. 

The Data for Clough Pond

 Ice-In Recorded By Ice-OutRecorded By Ice-In Days
<No Data>  21 Apr 1969K. Bogle 
<No Data>  23 Apr 1970K. Bogle  
<No Data>  27 Apr 1971K. Bogle 
<No Data>  24 Apr 1972K. Bogle 
<No Data>  07 Apr 1973K. Bogle 
<No Data>  05 Apr 1974K. Bogle 
<No Data>  19 Apr 1975K. Bogle 
<No Data>  06 Apr 1976K. Bogle 
<No Data>  09 Apr 1977K. Bogle 
<No Data>  20 Apr 1978K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  04 Apr 1980K. Bogle 
<No Data>  30 Mar 1981K. Bogle 
<No Data>  21 Apr 1982K. Bogle 
<No Data>  22 Mar 1983K. Bogle 
<No Data>  14 Apr 1984K. Bogle 
<No Data>  30 Mar 1985K. Bogle 
<No Data>  02 Apr 1986K. Bogle 
<No Data>  06 Apr 1987K. Bogle 
<No Data>  09 Apr 1988K. Bogle 
<No Data>  11 Apr 1989K. Bogle 
<No Data>  07 Apr 1990K. Bogle 
<No Data>  23 Mar 1991K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  16 Apr 1993K. Bogle 
<No Data>  14 Apr 1994K. Bogle 
<No Data>  25 Mar 1995K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  15 Apr 1997K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  ?? Apr 1999K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  15 Apr 2003K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  01 Apr 2006K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  19 Apr 2008K. Bogle 
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
<No Data>  <No Data>  
11 Jan 2016T. Edwards 11 Mar 2016K. Shields 61
12 Dec 2016    K. Shields  11 Apr 2017K. Shields120
18 Dec 2017K. Shields  9 Apr 2018K. Shields112
7 Dec 2018K. Shields 5 Apr 2019K. Shields119
15 Dec 2019K. Shields 18 Mar 2020K. Shields94
19 Dec 2020K. Shields 27 Mar 2021K. Shields98
21 Dec 2021K. Shields 26 Mar 2022K. Shields95
25 Dec 1022K. Shields    

Average Ice-IN days over last seven years = 99.86
Median Ice-IN days over last seven years = 98