Summer 2022

Swim safely

June 8, 2022: So far this year we are not aware of a cyanobacteria bloom on Clough Pond. 

We want to do our part to keep you safe while swimming in Clough Pond. You need to do your part. Before going swimming check here for the latest cyanobacteria results. For results related to E. coli visit our E. Coli Page under the Water Quality tab. 

Cyanobacteria Sampling Data 

The threshold for the state to issue an Advisory is a level in excess of 70,000 cells/ml

 Date, TimeCyanobacteriaLocationConcentration Level
AdvisorySampled By
 November 10, 2020Woronichinia
June 2, 3:00pm
Anabaena DolichospermumRamp232,500IssuedTown
June 2, 3:00pm
Anabaena DolichospermumBeach167,500IssuedTown
June 10, 3:00pm

November 8-10, 2020
    Cyanobacteria was spotted at the ramp and along other property around the pond. DES tested and confirmed that there indeed was cyanobacteria present but the concentrations and diminished recreational activity led them to issue only an Alert rather that the more alarming Advisory. Like other lakes and ponds around New Hampshire at this time, DES concluded that this bloom was likely related to the warmer weather. 

July 9, 2020
   NHLAKES hosted a presentation on July 8 by Amanda McQuaid much like the one that we saw Amanda do for our June 28 meeting. The slides from that presentation and the audio recording (68 minutes) are available on the NHLAKES website at:

June 28, 2020
    Amanda McQuaid, PhD, NH Department of Environmental Services, Public Beach Program Coordinator gave a presentation at the June Regular Meeting of the Clough Pond Association. This was an online Zoom meeting with presentation. For those of you that missed it we have been given permission from Dr. McQuaid to post her slides on our website

June 10, 2020
    The NH Department of Environmental Services has retested the water in Clough Pond and has found that the Cyanobacteria levels in the pond are once again below the threshold set by the state for safe swimming. The Advisory has now been lifted. It is safe to go back in the water. See Advisory Removed

June 3, 2020

June 2, 2020 as of 4:23pm
    The state has issued a formal Advisory for Clough Pond because there is a cyanobacteria bloom happening at this time. See Advisory. Alert Sign.

June 2, 2020 as of 4:00pm
    We have been advised that there is a cyanobacteria bloom at Clough Pond and that the State is likely to issue a formal Advisory before the end of the day.

Summer of 2019 Cyanobacteria Bloom

On June 27, 2019 Clough Pond experienced a cyanobacteria bloom at the boat launch. It was the only bloom that folks around the pond can remember. The State issued an Advisory and the town posted that advisory at the ramp and at the beach. On July 2, 2019 the State retested the water and withdrew the Advisory. 

Some more details about the event are explained in this "Report to the Board of Directors".