• Program Announcement (PDF) 

  • Landscaping at the Water's Edge (PDF - Clough Pond Website)
    This is a copy of a publication from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. 

  • Dripline Infiltration Trench (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    Collects and soaks up runoff water from roofs allowing it to soak into the ground  

  • Driveway Infiltration Trench (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    Collects and soaks up runoff water from driveways allowing it to soak into the ground 

  • Dry Well (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    Collects runoff water from gutter downspouts and roofs valleys allowing it to soak into the ground 

  • Infiltration Steps (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    Slows down and soaks up runoff water runoff to reduce soil from being washed away and to define walking paths 

  • Pervious Walkways/Patios (PDF - NHLAKES website) 
    Look like traditional pavers, but soaks up runoff water 

  • Rain Barrel (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    Captures runoff water from roofs to reduce runoff and provides a water source for lawns, gardens, and indoor plants 

  • Rain Garden (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    A sunken, flat-bottomed garden that uses soil and plants to capture, absorb, and clean-up runoff water 

  • Vegetated Buffer (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    A vegetated area along a lake or river that stabilizes soil and helps slow down and clean up runoff water 

  • Vegetated Swale (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    A shallow channel that slows runoff and directs it to an area where it can soak into the ground 

  • Water Bar (PDF - NHLAKES website)
    Intercepts runoff water traveling down moderately steep walkways, paths, and gravel driveways and diverts it into vegetated areas

  • Native Shoreland Buffer Plantings for NH (PDF - DES website)
    The NH Department of Environment Services has a publication listing various plantings (trees, shrubs, and ground cover) that are water's edge friendly. The list not only indicates the names of these plantings but also some other characteristics including their height, light preference, and which birds are known to frequent each particular plant. (added 8/22/2019) 

  • A Ditch in Time (PDF - Rural Home Technology website)
    An owner’s manual for those who live and travel on dirt and gravel roads,  by ©Russ Lanoie, Conway, NH. (added 9/6/2019)
  • Erosion Control Mix (PDF - Clough Pond website)
    A brief explanation from NHLAKES about this ground cover and some vendors that offer it in New Hampshire. (added 10/19/2019) 

  • LakeSmart Book - Revised 2021 (PDF - NHLAKES website) 
    "NH LAKES has revised and updated this publication last printed in 2016. This is a comprehensive resource for all interested in living a lake-friendly lifestyle here in the Granite State. It includes everything from lake basics like “What is a Watershed? and The Life of a Lake” to detailed information on required approvals and permits including current contact information for relevant state departments and other resources. Other topics include: a list of native plant species to use in your next landscaping project, tips for safe boating and recreation, and how to get involved with lake stewardship!" (added 11/25/2019)
  • A Field Guide to Common Aquatic and Riparian Plants of New Hampshire (PDF - DES website)
    Appendix D in this document lists many plants appropriate for planting along shorelines. Note that riparian means 'along the shoreline of a pond, lake, or stream/river'. (Added 9/3/2021)