LakeSmart Program

The LakeSmart Program is new to Clough Pond in 2019. We will be undertaking this effort with the assistance of the NHLAKES Association. 

NHLAKES are the folks that have been bringing us the Lake Host Program since 2002. They brought us the Lake Conservation Corps in 2011 which resulted in the large boulders along the road at the Town Beach. That created a place for water that spilled over from the road onto the beach to be captured and allowed to sink into the sand rather than run across the beach and into the pond dragging pollutants with it. The efforts of the Faith Community Bible Church, the Town of Loudon, and other local entities then completed that renovation of the beach in 2017.

What happens on your property affects the lake whether you have shoreline or are elsewhere in the watershed. The LakeSmart Program will help ensure that future generations will inherit a lake with a healthy future. 

Participating in the LakeSmart Program provides you with a property evaluation, property specific recommendations, and a toolkit of information so you can better protect the pond and its recreational value into the future. The program is FREE and participation is completely voluntary. 

At this time the Clough Pond Association is looking for property owners on or near to the pond that would be interested in having their property evaluated. We are still very early in this process but if you want to get ahead of things please contact Tom Edwards. 

9/9/2019 Update: Three of our members have been trained by NHLAKES to do evaluations and four properties have been evaluated This program is still in pilot mode with NHLAKES. The four property owners have now received their LakeSmart report. Two of those properties were awarded the LakeSmart Award. The other two were not quite eligible for that award and received a commendation.  

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