Lake Host Program

Positions Available - Lake Host Program Inspectors Wanted

Lake Host Program Inspectors staff the the F&G boat ramp on Berry Road to teach the public about aquatic invasive species prevention methods and to help boaters remove potentially-invasive plants and animals from boats, trailers, and gear. Note that Inspectors are not enforcers of local ordinances, state statutes, or law. An Inspector represents NH LAKES, the Clough Pond Association, and the Lake Host Program. An Inspector may be an individual hired as a NH LAKES seasonal
employee or an individual serving as a volunteer from the local community. The Clough Pond Association is the NHLAKES representative organization operating the Lake Host Program at Clough Pond.

Inspectors staff the ramp various days during the summer in 4 hour shifts. The main responsibility is to greet boaters who are coming to use the ramp to launch/leave Clough Pond and explain the “Cleaned, Drained, & Dry!” program and the efforts to keep Clough Pond free of aquatic invasive species. Courtesy boat inspections and collection of data for boating
surveys is also done. 

Lake Host Program Inspector - Position Description

Contact Perry Hayden: for more information.

The Clough Pond Association has been operating this program since its inception 20 years ago. This Program was responsible for preventing some variable milfoil from entering Clough Pond in 2005 when out Inspector spotted and removed some variable milfoil from a boat getting ready to enter the pond. Had that Inspector not been there, it is a near certainty that Clough Pond would be infested with variable milfoil today. This program works and our Inspectors perform a very valuable service for the Loudon community.