E. Coli
Swim safely 

We want to do our part to keep you safe while swimming in Clough Pond. You need to do your part. Before going swimming check here for the latest results. 

Good news(2019): The Town will again work with the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to have the beach tested for e. coli, cyanobacteria, etc. on a regular schedule this coming summer.

Test Results for e. coli at the Town Beach

The State threshold for concern: A single sample greater than 155 MPN/100ml or a pair of samples each exceeding 88 MPN/100ml.

DateLocationResults (MPN/100ml)Sampled By
August 7, 2019Beach Left17.1State
 Beach Right1.0State
July 11, 2019Beach Left>1.0State
 Beach Right2.0State
June 3, 2019Beach Left3.1State

Beach Right7.5State
August 13, 2018Beach Left 14.1State

Beach Left 210.8State

Beach Right7.5State
July 17, 2018Beach Left 110.7State

Beach Left 218.3State
 Beach Right10.8State
June 19, 2018Beach Left7.4State

Beach Right1.0State
August 16, 2017Beach Left7.4Town
 Beach Right4.1Town
July 10, 2017Beach Left54.8Town
 Beach Right18.7Town
June 20, 2017Beach Left21.1Town

Beach Right27.9 Town
May 3, 2017Beach Left2.0Town

Beach Center6.2Town 

Beach Right5.2Town
August 25, 2016Beach Left3.1CPA

Beach Center6.2CPA

Beach Right1.0CPA
August 18, 2016Beach Center4.1Town 
July 27, 2016Beach Center3.1Town
July 20, 2016Beach Left5.2CPA

Beach Center2,419.6*CPA

Beach Left34.1CPA
June 27, 2016Beach Left57.6CPA

Beach Center72.3CPA

Beach Right53.7CPA
June 22, 2016Beach Center8.6Town
August 10, 2015Beach Leftless than 2.0CPA
Beach Center4.0CPA
Beach Rightless than 2.0CPA
July 21, 2015Beach Left6.0CPA

Beach Centerless than 2.0CPA

Beach Right4.0CPA
June 26, 2015Beach Leftless than 2.0CPA

Beach Center2.0CPA

Beach Rightless than 2.0CPA
August 24, 2014Beach Center1.3Town
June 24, 2014Beach Center1.3Town 
June 30, 2003Beach Center36 Town
August 10, 1990Beach Center3Town

*This sample resulted in the Town posting an advisory about the e. coli at the beach. 

What is Happening

Chief Rick Wright (a.k.a. Loudon Town Health Officer) directs samples of water to be taken on a regular basis at the Town Beach. 
He then has the laboratory at the State of New Hampshire, Department of Environmental Services analyse those samples.
The Chief then makes the results available to the Clough Pond Association for us to post here. 

The Chief is following the guidelines set forth by the State of NH, Department of Environmental Service, Beach Advisory Program. 

Family Swimming in Safe and Healthy Waters

Fecal matter can enter the water as animal waste from bird droppings or from pet or human activity near the beach or in its waters. If e. coli is present there is an increased chance that swimmers will become ill 3 or 4 days after exposure but sometimes as early as 1 day or as late as 9 days. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has this to say about e. coli: 

"Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria normally live in the intestines of people and animals. Most E. coli are harmless and actually are an important part of a healthy human intestinal tract. However, some E. coli are pathogenic, meaning they can cause illness, either diarrhea or illness outside of the intestinal tract. The types of E. coli that can cause diarrhea can be transmitted through contaminated water or food, or through contact with animals or persons." 

Footnote: The Clough Pond Association has no authority over the beach. It is owned by the Town of Loudon and the Town retains all responsibility over the beach. We post results here as a courtesy to the Town residents.