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Bylaws Committee

This year we are taking on the task of reviewing the Clough Pond Association Bylaws. There has been no review of the Bylaws since they were last updated in 2008. This is an administrative task that needs be done periodically to make sure the our operating Bylaws are consistent with the current goals and objectives of the Association. This task was discussed at last summer's membership meetings. Individuals who expressed a willingness to serve on the Committee last summer have now been appointed to the Committee. This web page has been created to help the Committee gather ideas. 

The plan for the Committee is to seek input so that they can review that input and be ready to make a recommendation as to whether the Bylaws should be updated and, if so, what does the Committee recommend. Any recommendations would be presented to and discussed with the membership at the June Regular Meeting of the Association. Then at the August Annual Meeting the recommended changes would be voted on by the membership and the Committee would then be dissolved at the end of August. 

Kathy Shields has been appointed to Chair the Committee with Barri-Lynn Medeiros, George Page, and Tom Edwards serving as Committee Members. Anybody wanting to offer up ideas should make Kathy or the other members aware of their suggestions. Those ideas could be in the form of fully constructed replacement, new or deleted wording to the Bylaws or simply a discussion of what is seen as something that should be changed, added, or deleted. 

Below are a few documents related to this effort and an email address where individuals are free to email the Committee their suggestions. Note: Except to possibly contact you to discuss your submission, we will make no other use of your email address nor will we share it with any other organization. 

Thank you.